If Somebody Gives You a Card…

If Somebody Hands You A Yellow Ribbon Card …!

The following instructions will inform you of what to do if somebody hands you a Yellow Ribbon Card or asks for help. These instructions are also printed directly on the card.

You don’t need to say much and there are no magic words. Your concern and your caring will show in your voice and in your mannerisms. Demonstrate patience and caring. Avoid argument and advice-giving – these will only serve to belittle the person already crushed under unbearable emotional pain. All you need to do is STAY-LISTEN-GET HELP!


Do not leave this person alone unless there is risk of harm to you! You are this person’s lifeline! This person trusts you so much that he/she has sought you out during a time of critical emotional crisis. Studies show that most people will not harm themselves while they are with another person.


What might seem trivial or inconsequential to you may be overwhelming and unbearable to the person in pain. If the person is saying, “I can’t go on”, ask, “Are you having thoughts of suicide?”. You are not putting ideas into anybody’s head; you are showing that you take these feelings seriously, and that it is OK to share pain – that you care enough for him/her to express hurt and other emotions with you. Your direct questions will not provoke feelings of self-destruction that do not already exist; in fact, your questions and concern will ease overwhelming feelings of isolation and loneliness.


The person receiving this card or a cry for help does not have to be a counselor. We just ask that you Be-A-Link™- be a lifeline … call for help.

Youth – call your parents, your friend’s parents, another trusted adult – or 911! 

Adults – call the youth’s parents, professional help – or 911!


Youth in crisis normally ask for help in the following order: 1) PEER 2) A NON-FAMILY ADULT 3) A FAMILY ADULT All Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention cards have room to jot down these critical names. Our presentations encourage youth to do so … to have a voice in a time of crisis! You don’t need to be a professional … you only need to care … to Be-A-Link™.

Yellow Ribbon Card