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The Yellow Ribbon Card $12.00
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 The cards are business card-sized and are printed in English or in Spanish. The numbers for both the San Diego Access and Crisis line and national line are printed on the back of each card.  If you are interested in cards with only the number for the national line please contact  Yellow Ribbon International or go to  Discounted bulk rates available on orders larger than 1,500- Contact us directly for more info or email      $12.00 for bundle of 100 cards  
DVD – “Be-A-Link, Save A Life!”

9-minute Information Video with bonus 30-second Public Service Announcement. This 9-minute film introduces the Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program’s Message that “It’s OK to Ask 4 Help”. This educational tool raises awareness about warning signs, risk factors and the overall issue of suicide prevention with testimonials from professionals and families/friends of victims.

DVD Format – Length nine minutes, thirty seconds
Yellow Ribbon Wristband $3.00
Yellow Ribbon Wristband
Wear the message – “It’s OK to Ask 4 Help!®”. Made from durable, comfortable yellow silicone. Price: $3 each or two for $5
$3.00 Each:
$5.00 for Two:
Black Shirt $14.95
Black Shirt

Black t-shirts imprinted with Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program logo
Size :
Yellow Ribbon Enameled Pins $2.50
Yellow Ribbon Enameled Pins
Proudly wear the symbol of prevention and survival! The enameled pins are plated and can be worn on clothing, purses, backpacks, or briefcases.   Price: $2.50